EDF uses its know-how to support low-carbon electrification projects in rural and isolated areas. For this, the Group relies on autonomous production, i.e. disconnected from the electricity grid, through the installation of solar kits.
  • 75

    of the African population still has no access to electricity

  • 15

    of experience in off-grid

  • 500 000

    are lighting and powering a range of low-energy household appliances or have solar farm pumps thanks to these solutions

Individual solar kits to meet the challenge of low-carbon electrification

In 2016, EDF teamed up with ZOLA Electric (formerly Off-Grid Electric), a leading US start-up in solar energy distribution in Africa, to create ZECI SAS.

With ZECI, EDF offers individual solar kits comprising easy-to-install solar panels backed up by batteries that store electricity. The kits are combined with pre-payable mobile phone packages which then allow customers to obtain lighting and to power a range of low-energy household appliances: TV, radio, fan, mobile phone charger. The aim was to supply nearly 2 million people in Ivory Coast by 2020.

Vignette de Diaspora Energie by EDF / Thumbnail of Diaspora Energie by EDF

Diaspora Energie by EDF, an e-commerce site dedicated to the sale of solar kits in Africa

Diaspora Energie by EDF is a new 100% digital commercial service that enables the Ivorian diaspora to provide their relatives in Africa with electricity access solutions from abroad. Having light, recharging a mobile phone, listening to the radio or watching television... This purchase makes it possible to light up the daily life of a population that is still largely deprived of energy.

In just a few clicks on the platform, it is possible to order a kit consisting of a solar panel, a meter and, depending on the package, several electronic devices.

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Diaspora Energy in video

Diaspora Energie by EDF (in French)

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Installation of solar pumps to support small agricultural holdings

With 60% of Africa's arable land uncultivated and only 6% irrigated, EDF decided to support the start-up in the large-scale deployment of its services in Kenya and West Africa. A pilot project was launched in June 2019 for one year in Ivory Coast which involves the installation of 30 submersible pumps in different water sources (wells, boreholes, dams, rivers) and for different uses (crop irrigation, domestic water supply, water requirements for animal farms, etc.). EDF monitors and maintains the pumps.

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In Ivory Coast, EDF is helping its local partners to meet high energy demand whilst reducing their carbon impact.


Energy efficiency services are an important part of the response to the growth in energy demand and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Renewable energies

EDF is developing an innovative biomass plant project in partnership with local energy players.