Energy efficiency services enable people to better control their consumption and therefore their energy budget. They are an important part of the response to the growth in energy demand and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


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Providing energy efficiency solutions in West Africa

The supply of industrial refrigeration and air treatment are major issues for many business sectors in Africa, including the agri-food industry. In January 2019, EDF entered into a partnership with CONERGIES-GROUP to develop and deploy energy efficiency solutions through its subsidiary ARIC. Thanks to EDF's expertise in smart technologies, the Group remotely controls and monitors energy consumption through its subsidiary Dalkia Froid Solutions.

The new cooling solutions that have been developed help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using "green" natural fluids and highly energy-efficient installations. These services also enable local businesses to grow and become more competitive by helping them to better manage their energy budgets.

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Renewable energies

EDF is developing an innovative biomass plant project in partnership with local energy players.


In Ivory Coast, EDF is helping its local partners to meet high energy demand whilst reducing their carbon impact.


EDF relies on autonomous production, i.e. disconnected from the electricity grid, through the installation of solar kits.