Electricity generation and power plant engineering are two activities which together form the basis of the EDF Group's operations.

In Ivory Coast, EDF is helping its local partners to meet high energy demand whilst reducing their carbon impact.

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    puissance du nouveau Cycle Combiné Gaz

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    total power of the plant

  • 2021

    commissioning of the new power plant

Improving energy performance whilst reducing CO₂ emissions

In Ivory Coast, EDF has signed a project management assistance contract with Azito Energie for the extension of the Azito thermal power plant in Abidjan. This project aims to increase the plant's production capacity by 250 megawatts to reach a total output of nearly 700 MW.

To achieve this, the project plans to include the addition of a new combined-cycle gas plant to improve energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions. EDF is responsible for overseeing the construction phase through to commissioning of the plant. The construction work, scheduled to last 30 months, will culminate in the commissioning of the open cycle in 2021 and the combined-cycle plant in the first quarter of 2022

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Renewable energies

EDF is developing an innovative biomass plant project in partnership with local energy players.


Energy efficiency services are an important part of the response to the growth in energy demand and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


EDF relies on autonomous production, i.e. disconnected from the electricity grid, through the installation of solar kits.