Would you like to save money and reduce your carbon footprint? 

"Solar for my business" is your solution for the installation of solar PV panels on your unused roof or land. Our process ensures minimal disruption to your business operations and electricity supply network.

Powering your business for a renewable future

Benefit from renewable and profitable energy solutions! Thanks to EDF’s offer « Solar for my business », produce your own energy while saving money.


You wish to:

  • reduce your energy bill by up to 50%
  • secure your electricity price over a period of 10 to 20 years
  • decrease your carbon footprint
  • take advantage of your unused areas (roof, land, parking)

A tailor-made solution

  • Using solar energy when sunlight is available

  • The electricity is self-consumed and could be stored in batteries to be used when the network is not available

  • Integrated batteries and solar generators with up to 100% autonomy

4 reasons to choose EDF "Solar for my business"

Working with EDF is the guarantee for a successful project. From the tier 1 materials we select, to the high-quality and HSC-driven contractors we choose, and the optimization of time-to-market processes, our aim is to provide technical excellence and build clients' confidence and trust.

  • Technical expertise

    Optimal sizing of your installation with a personalized solution adapted to your needs

  • High quality and safety standards

    Safety and security of our projects are the top priorities among our EDF values


  • Risk-free offer

    0 investment with maintenance warranty. Commitment on performance and availability of the solar assets

  • Dedicated application

    Real-time monitoring using an exclusive application

Satisfied customers throughout their project

Over 35 operational and under construction projects, with a capacity of more than 130 megawatts

They trust us

Implementing low carbon and competitive energy solutions

EDF, a world leader in low carbon*

  • 467.6 TWh

    electricity generated by the EDF Group

  • 93%

    production free from CO2 emissions

  • €139.7 bn

    in sales

  • European leader

    in renewables

International division key figures**

  • ~20 countries

  • 4,700 employees

  • 10 GW capacity

    assets under construction

  • 40 nationalities

  • €10 bn of assets

    under construction

  • ~100 projects

    under development